Technology is a new channel of communication.

We’ll be happy to build one for you.

Our services

We operate as both 360o creative agency and a softhouse. We are able to create a product from scratch, determine the potential and refine the current concept. Go to the production stage and create a prototype, and support its market implementation as well as promotion.

IT solutions

Projection and production of smaller and bigger systems. Solutions for every device and platform that will answer your needs.

Business solutions

We will prepare a tech project for you along with the concept, business analysis and implementation plan.

Market positioning

Improve visibility of your offer in browsers and social media. Be more popular than the competition.

IT solutions

– Mobile Applications

We program both for Android and iOS

– Web Applications

We develop applications for operating in OS X and Windows

– Ecommerce solutions

We prepare front and back-end for web and mobile stores

– ERP and CRM systems

Proprietary solutions for small, medium and large companies

– Graphic creation

Compliant with the highest UX and UI standards

– Audit and technical specifications

We check the quality of codes and correct them if needed. We’ll prepare instructions for transparent system creation

– Systems integration

We are able to integrate and migrate data from and between various systems

– Recruitment for IT positions

If you need an employee or create an IT department, we will help you choose the right people

Business solutions

– Strategy preparation

We’ll prepare for you an IT product development plan based on your concept. Find the strengths of your business so that it can achieve success

– Development of business models

We will develop the best model for the nature of your business

– Market and competition analysis

We will perform a detailed analysis of your business environment. Both domestic and foreign. We will check your business model advantages, technologies and offers vs competition

– Mentoring

Our team has interdisciplinary experience. Including founding one of the largest marketing consultancy company in CEE region. We’ve also built IT projects abroad. We are happy to share our knowledge with you.

Market positioning

– SEO positioning

We will help you to place your offer as high as possible in search engines

– Depositing

If you need to mute threads on the web we’ll be happy to carry it out for you

– Branded content

We will produce unique content that strengthens your brand

– Re-marketing

If you need to change the perception of your services or products, we can deliver the strategy

– Competition campaigns

We will optimize your campaigns so that they compete better with companies from your market

– Social media ads

We prepare the creation of ads in social media and are able to execute them

– Statistics and reporting

We will provide you with up-to-date data tailored to your request.