Hanami Digital Team

Hanami Digital is the result of a combination of marketing and technological competences.

We have experience in building technology-based businesses and in creating technological advantages.

Our team carried out technological projects ranging from conceptual work, through the development of USP, business models, preparation of MVP, to the launch of new solutions on the market.

The founders of the company were also responsible for the largest and award-winning marketing campaigns in Poland and abroad. We try to make the effects of the Hanami Digital team tailored to market demand, and make sure that the solutions we create have an opportunity to succeed.

We prefer working in an agile model, step by step:

  • Receipt of the brief and orientation in the client’s needs
  • Cost estimation and selection of tools
  • Preparation of specifications with a technology prototype
  • MVP preparation and its implementation
  • Live product start and subsequent support
Jerzy Ciszewski

Jerzy Ciszewski

Marcin Roszkowski

Marcin Roszkowski

Managing Partner
Arkadiusz Bal

Arkadiusz Bal


Hanami Digital brand belongs to Principes sp. z o.o. 

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