We’re offering technology creation and consultancy for companies that want or already are doing business in digital world. Hanami Digital is introducing products and technological services to potential clients. We’ll make sure your new solutions will make a difference.

Your requirements
Tool selection & development
Market implementation

Hanami Digital is the result of a combination of marketing and technological competences.
We have experience in building technology-based businesses and in creating technological advantages that will serve your goals.


Projection and production of smaller and bigger systems. Solutions for every device and platform that will answer your needs.



We will prepare a tech project for you along with the concept, business analysis and implementation plan.



Improve visibility of your offer in browsers and social media. Be more popular than the competition.


Technology is a new channel of communication. We’ll be happy to build one for you.

Have a new idea for an app or internet service? That’s great news. We’ll help you build it and put in on the market.

•We will check the profitability level of the solution.
• We will point out competitive advantages and develop a prototype.
• We will implement it on selected platforms and promote your new product.


  • 1.
  • 2.
    Market and surroundings analysis
  • 3.
    USP enhancement
    and optimization
  • 4.
    MVP Production